Beinn Bhreagh

Beinn Bhreagh (pronounced, ‘ban vreeagh’), is the historic estate of inventor Dr. Alexandre Graham Bell, and his wife, Mabel. The estate is situated near the town of Baddeck in Nova Scotia, on a beautiful peninsula that juts out into the Bras d’Or Lake and which forms the southern shore of Baddeck Bay. The Bras d’Or Preservation Nature Trust holds an easement on part of the estate, protecting both the land and the facade of the historic building, so as to maintain the natural beauty and cultural values of the estate.

The easement protects hardwood forests on the southeast slopes of the estate, including mixed forest of beech, spruce, balsam, birch and maple. The residents of Beinn Bhreagh have reported an abundance of wildlife on the property over the years, including fox, beaver, otter, mink, muskrat, racoon, deer, moose, Canadian lynx, bobcat, and blackbear. In addition, mature trees are used by Bald Eagles for nesting and a large variety of other birds also frequently spotted.

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