How Can You Help?

Together we can ensure the rich ecology of this place is protected and preserved for the future

You Can Help Us!


A non-profit like the Bras d’Or Preservation Nature Trust, cannot survive without support from communities, individuals, corporations, government, local business, and other non-profit organizations. There are many ways that you can help us achieve our mission. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Learn

You can learn about the remarkable natural and cultural heritage of the Bras d’Or Lakes. Discover ways that you can have a positive influence on this special place through your decisions and actions. You’ve already started by visiting our website. Why not come to Baddeck and visit the Interpretive Centre with your family, friends, or classmates? Become informed and share that knowledge with others. Together we can ensure the rich ecology of this place is protected and preserved for the future!

2. Protect

If you own property within the watershed, we would be happy to share with you some of our success stories of how other private land owners are taking steps today to ensure that important ecological and cultural features of their properties are protected forever. Conservation easements can be tailored to suit the needs of your family or business; now and into the future. Contact us to discuss what options might be suitable for you. Create a living legacy for the future!

3. Preserve

You can make a donation of land, now or as bequest. We can help ensure that your ecological gift of nature is preserved for the purpose and use that you desire. Whether that be a nature sanctuary or a place the public can visit to learn from and be in nature. We would be honored to help you carry out your wishes. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation of land.

4. Support

Every little bit helps. We appreciate support in all forms. If you can give a dollar to our cause, you will be helping us make a difference! It might help us plant a tree, or give information to school kids, or protect a little piece of invaluable habitat. It all helps, and we appreciate and can always use cash donations of any amount. Thank you! If you operate a business, we can also use in-kind gifts to help us run our organization. Please get in touch!

Have other ideas? We’d love to hear them! Contact us here.

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