In Our Waters

Photo Credit:Easy Dive


All kinds of life makes their home in the waters of the ¬†Bras d’Or Lakes. From microscopic plants called plankton that drift in the current and form the basis of the food web, to lobster, eel, salmon and seal.

The Ocean Pouts above were found living near a ship wreck in the Bras d’Or Lakes. Ocean Pout (Zoarces americanus) can withstand very cold temperatures. In fact, they have natural anti-freeze proteins that allow them to survive in near freezing temperatures. The Ocean Pout is shaped much like an eel, having a long body that tapers to its pointed tail. It has a wide mouth, with thick fleshy lips, behind which are two series of strong blunt teeth.

The Ocean Pout spends most of its time on the lake or ocean bottom, gravitating to dark areas among seaweed and rocks.  They feed on a variety of crustaceans, mullosks, and invertebrates. This species is found in the North Atlantic from Labrador to Delaware.

Watch the video below to see an Ocean Pout in its habitat.





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